Which House Are You?


Once upon a time there were two men who built their homes on a lake. The first man was a hard worker and worked diligently securing the foundation of his home while the second man threw rubbish and sand underneath his home to cut down on the work. Day in and day out the first man would work to build his home using all the right tools while the second man mocked him and his hard work. One day there was a storm like no other and the two men became very afraid that their homes would be destroyed. The first man’s home suffered some damage, but because of the strong foundation the home was able to withstand the storm. The second man’s home was ruined and he was left devastated. Relationships can be compared to these two homes. The second home can be compared to those relationships where the foundation isn’t very stable and is usually built on lust and infatuation. This house was easy to build because not a lot of time and effort was put into the foundation, but when a storm comes it is broken into a thousand pieces. The first home can be compared to the relationship that has the most important foundation…friendship.

Our generation is known as the “microwave generation” meaning we want everything fast without too much hard work, but in the end what do you get? It’s like day old pizza that you put in the microwave for 30 seconds, although satisfying it never really taste like that oven ready pizza you had to wait 30 minutes for the previous day. Now of course 30 seconds to 30 minutes is only a short period of time, but you catch my drift. A lot of relationships these days fail because they don’t have the right foundation. Here are the benefits of having TRUE friendship as your foundation:

1. You actually LIKE the person.
Musiq Soulchild said it best, so many people really do use the word love in vain, but do you like your partner? When something good happens to you are they the first person you would call? If you had to tell only one person and one person only a secret, would they top the list? If friendship is the true foundation of your relationship then the answer to those questions are probably yes! You know their desires and goals in life, what makes them cry or angry,. You know what buttons to push and when to back off and give them some space. Most importantly you truly enjoy that person AFTER the “Honeymoon Stage” is over. This means you’re arguing more and still there’s no place you’d rather be. This means you two are so in tune with one another that you are able to communicate effectively even in the silence.

2. You can weather the storm.
When you’re relationship is built on friendship then just like the second man’s home you can weather the storm. Yes, you’ll have a couple of bumps and bruises, but you know without a shadow of a doubt that they are worth it. When your partner is your friend first and foremost then it’s more than just fighting or arguing with your significant other, it’s also not being in a good space with a friend which is a lot harder to get over.

3. You know most of the pros and cons up front!
When you’re partner is first and foremost your friend, you know the things they do that piss you off or grind your gears. It’s not a surprise to you when they are stubborn or don’t always take constructive criticism well. This can become a problem in a relationship based on lust and infatuation. You think you partner is changing when in reality they have been that way all along you just didn’t have enough time to get to know them. Of course there will be things that they start doing that they have never done before that bug you, but everything does not come as a surprise.

In summary, “the best foundation for relationships to grow, flourish, and succeed is a deep-rooted friendship.” So, which house are you?


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